Class Review: Cycle Karaoke @ Crunch Fitness, DC

I attended Cycle Karaoke with some girls from ¬†Girlnetic-DC today. The class is hosted by Crunch Fitness. What is Cycle Karaoke? Spin meets Karaoke. Donna Summer, Dixie Chicks, Poison meets spin. Whichever way you look at it, at some point I was singing along to “Call Me Maybe” at the top of my lungs, sweat dripping, climbing hills on a stationary bicycle.

The idea of the class is that you spin, as usual, while the instructor and your bravest fellow classmates choose songs and belt them out (while you provide assistance on the chorus). The setup at Crunch is pretty basic. A regular spin class room, with a TV that the instructor connects to a computer. If you want to sing, you choose a song from the instructor’s karaoke collection, are handed a mic, and you are on. Whoever has the mic slows down for a song while the rest of the class continues the workout.

For all those concerned that your workout will suffer, that you will be too busy trying to read the lyrics to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” to gear up, stop worrying. The workout was intense and still fun. Forty-five minutes flew by and I was disappointed that we couldn’t get a few more songs in, but I also was ready for a drink of water and a towel off.

For those lucky enough to be in the DC area, let me introduce you to the instructor at Crunch. Hello, Chad.

Ab Motivation

Chad is not only in amazing shape and incredibly easy on the eyes, he also is super charismatic. I knew I liked him when he opened up his Facebook page on the TV screen mid-workout to find a picture of the car he drove in the 90s.

I Googled Cycle Karaoke and it seems that the class is in limited distribution but I feel it needs to take the nation by storm. And by take the nation I mean that every spin class I attend now needs karaoke. I am going to be incredibly disappointed when my next spin class instructor plugs their iPod into the speakers, puts on some wordless techno, and starts barking at me to get off the saddle and ride hills.

If you do live in DC, the class is every Tuesday at 12:15 at the Metro Center Crunch Fitness or every Wednesday at 1:15 at the Chevy Chase Crunch. The class is $15.00 as a guest but that gets you access to the gym for the entire day so you can check out some of the other classes and equipment after class (which we did!).

Honestly, though I don’t plan to switch my gym membership (no pool, location x3), I think at least once a month I am going to come back to Cycle Karaoke. It was that good.